V is for Vertigo

Every day in April I will be participating in theĀ A to Z Blog Challenge. Each day I will write a post dealing with an issue that is near and dear to me that starts with the letter of the Alphabet the corresponds with the day of the month. Neat right? Today is April 22nd so the letter of the day is V.

V is for Vertigo.

If you’ve been wondering where I’ve been the past few days – the answer is having a Vertigo attack. If you’ve had one you know how fun they are. If you haven’t imagine a sever case of the spins that can last for hours… or days. I had my first one in January after a particularly strenuous workout. I sat down to have a drink of water and all of a sudden the whole gym was spinning. I grabbed a table to steady myself but it was no use. I started violently throwing up whatever water I had in my system and then the dry heaves persisted. I barely managed to gather my shit from my locker and staggered outside and hailed a cab. I dry heaved out the window a few times on the half mile ride home. The movement of the cab ended up being too much to handle so I got out a couple blocks from home and hugged the sides of buildings til I found my apartment. I got home and made it into bed and when I was finally still for a few minutes the spins went away. About 6 hours later I was OK.

Tuesday morning after an accupuncture session it happened again – this time it started light and I got the spins for about 10 seconds… Didn’t think much of it and went outside and got some coconut water and got on my motorcycle to ride home. The ride was a breeze, no doubt aided by the cool breeze in my face. I got the bike home and parked without and issue and made it up to my apartment and into bed just as the 2nd attack of the spins came. Followed by the vomiting. This time it didn’t go away for over 36 hours. Still feeling it, but haven’t had the spins since 4am. Looking forward to seeing a doctor today.

After my first attack, I thought it might be vertigo. But I refused to go to a Doctor for a diagnosis. Because I knew that if it was I would be told to stop riding my motorcycle. But as long as I wasn’t diagnosed, then if an attack sprung up while I was riding, then it would just seem like a terrible accident. Even now, I’m hoping the doctor can cure me, or at least alert me to the warning signs. Because I won’t stop riding. Ride to Live – Live to Ride. Indeed.