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Are you a human being? Do you like coloring, and calendars? 4 out of 5 doctors surveyed strongly agree that the two best things to soothe our massive and collective pandemic anxiety are coloring, and knowing what day it is. Just 13 minutes of coloring a day can reduce anxiety in adults and children alike by up to 66%. And according to a recent and exhaustive study published in the the Santo Domingo Journal of Medicine, no human being on record has ever died of a stress induced heart attack while giving sweet Crayola life to a Unicorn’s Rainbow or a murderous Big Mac’s melty cheese features. So, choose life!!

We’ve also got on offer a gorgeous collection of still life motorcycle shots above the generous Gregorian grids that keep us grounded while time keeps on slipping into the future. Here is your chance to spend the entirety of 2021 and beyond with what the New York Times has already called “The greatest and most awe-inspiring calendar in the history of civilization, since Stonehnege, or something.” When staring at a Baker’s Dozen of stunning shots of the American West fronted by the steel horse of your favorite modern day metaphysical daredevil, the outlook is nothing but smooth sailing and winning combinations from here straight through the holiday seasons, and beyond!

I reached out to some of my favorite artists and asked them to design a page for the Rocks Off Coloring Book, and the results have tickled me pinker than I have been in quite some time. Big thanks to the movies John John JesseDanny HellmanLuke WessmanRodrigo CanterasJon KropChristina AustinKarina RykmanChip LoveShanti WintergateGreg AttonitoJoby FordHellon WheelsBryan KienlenDave HillDave Longford KerrPete PedersenNeltie Neltie and the inimitable Sancho Dominguez for this 36 page treasure trove of line art excitement

.For the busy executives among us who prefer their coloring books come pre-colored, that option is also available as part of our costly but worthwhile “Bonus Rewards” line of options, which also includes coloring sessions for those who need hand holding, as well as the opportunity to have a real live unicorn read bedtime stories to your kids or your own bad self for that matter.

Your friends and family may think you love them. But why not let then KNOW just how much by replacing the coal in their stockings with these incredible and affordable holiday gift ideas?

You only have to buy these once, but they will be the gifts that keep on giving, all year, and for eternity really. A bargain at twice the price.


Two great gifts that gift great together!