Monthly Archives: November 2018


Sometimes you end up in a place where you realize that you’re not that important. I was humbled today by my ride through Titus Canyon in Death Valley. A 25 mile dirt road that was full of deep ruts, loose gravel and huge rocks… along a winding canyon route full of cliffs where one wrong move would have meant certain death. And the desert would have gladly terminated me, with extreme prejudice. I took this pic at the tail end of that ride… through a valley of giants formed not by God, help me, but by millions or billions of years of geological evolution. Before I embarked I called Silky Sammy aka @salmoneye1 and told him “if you don’t hear from me by 4pm called the ranger station and ask for help…” He asked if I was serious which we both knew was rhetorical. Needless to say, I made it out alive… white knuckled it the whole way. Nature is so…. bitchen! #deathvalley#tituscanyon#whatstheworstthatcouldhappen