Monthly Archives: April 2016


WEEN closed their show last night at Terminal 5 with a single encore. An epic version of Buenas Tardes Amigo. This band is just stupefyingly good live. what was a wildly raucous, unruly and drunken crowd all night long was quieted to reverential a hush during the verses, with subdued singalongs and some cheers for the more classic lines (interlaced wist da meat!) and roared to life with a wildly joyous singalong for the finale. Chills. When Gener puts on a Luchador mask, you know he ain’t fukken around. So baller. Totally worth selling a kidney if you need to in order to go see them again tonight.


Transdermal Celebration, Take Me Away, Learnin’ to Love, Big Jilm, Piss Up a Rope, Nan, Mister Richard Smoker, Stroker Ace, Transitions, Buckingham Green, Voodoo Lady, The Argus, I Play It Off Legit, Puerto Rican Power, Gabrielle, Wayne’s Pet Youngin, The Goin’ Gets Tough From the Getgo, Don’t Shit Where You Eat*, The Mollusk*, Stacey*, I Don’t Want to Leave You on the Farm*, Mutilated Lips*, Don’t Sweat It*, Put the Coke on My Dick, Demon Sweat, Ocean Man, Loop de Loop, How High Can You Fly?, Stay Forever, Tick, Papa Zit, Never Squeal> Drums> Improv/Jam> Never Squeal

  1. Encore: Buenas Tardes Amigo