K is for Krackie – the Death of The American Dream Eagle

Every day in October I will be rocking an A To Z Blog Challenge about my terribly terrific tattoos. Every day a new letter. Today is October 12 so the letter of the day is K (I’m taking Sundays off)

K is for Krackie… The Death of the American Dream Eagle.

Krackie put in his time and went to war for the once-great country that he loves. He came back and found had been marginalized and was unwanted in a land that had been taken over by corrupt politicians and crooked bankers. He’s wounded and not able to get fixed up because the VA hospital is losing it’s funding. And the god damn douche canoe congressman have shut down the government. He’s trying to hold on to the tattered shreds of ideals of the country he went off to fight for, but the only thing that’s the same as when he left is the persistence of God in his culture and his ability to bear arms. He hasn’t even been rewarded financially for his sacrifices so he had to pawn his medals, but the only thing that bought him was a bottle of booze. He sat and thought about what to do with the booze and figured rather than use it to numb his pain, he’d turn it into a molotov cocktail and is about to throw it through the window of a local bank as a way to protest the special interest groups and lobbies who have skull-fucked him, forcing him to wear an eye-patch.

Krackie might be down, but he’s not out. Much like the American Dream. Time to take back what’s ours.

I got this tattoo last November. Long before the Gov’t shutdown. But sadly it rings more true today then it did back then. Any sane person has plenty of grievances about what’s happening to our country. I wish somebody, anybody, had some solutions.

Where's my gun? Where's my 40 bullets??

Tattoo by Tasha Rubinow at Inborn NYC

Many thanks to the irrepressible spirit and lovely lens of Deneka Peniston for the tattoo pics!