THE NEW DEAL – The Dan & Jamie show with special guest Jake Szufnarowski

The New Deal are an amazing band. When they busted onto the scene in 1999 with their Live-Progressive-Breakbeat-House they were the first band I championed HARD as the booker at Wetlands in NYC. I made it my personal mission ot break that band and it worked. Because they were undeniable, and all I had to do was make sure they got in front of the right audiences. And all they had to do was drive from Toronto to NYC on a weekly basis for six or seven months, and then VOILA – they were an overnight sensation!

At a recent board meeting at the New Deal HQ the directors Dan and Jamie voted unanimously to spice up their podcast with some manic NC17 energy and thought “We only have to make one call. Just like the olden days. THE SZUF.” But rather than have me drive to Toronto, I beamed in remotely from Butte, Montana birthplace of Evel Knievel.