M is for Maria Lopez. Judge Maria Lopez.

Every day in April I will be participating in the A to Z Blog Challenge. Each day I will write a post dealing with an issue that is near and dear to me that starts with the letter of the Alphabet the corresponds with the day of the month. Neat right? Today is April 13th so the letter of the day is M.

M if for Maria Lopez. Judge Maria Lopez. And How I ended up as a defendant in her courtroom.

So this one time I had this kid named Bucky working for me and we made a ridiculous bet and then I fired him before the bet was done and then he went and got drunk in the daytime and then he met another drunk who’s roommate was a producer on Judge Maria Lopez and then the producer asked Bucky if he wanted to be on the show, and then he had someone call me to ask me because he was too mad at me for firing him to talk to me himself and then I had to hire my own lawyer to file a lawsuit against me because Bucky was too inept to do it himself but they wouldn’t have us on the show unless there was an actual lawsuit filed and then this happened.