J is for Jetset

Every day in October I will be rocking an A To Z Blog Challenge about my terribly terrific tattoos. Every day a new letter. Today is October 11 so the letter of the day is J (I’m taking Sundays off)

BONUS POST – I couldn’t decide which J tattoo I wanted to include so I did two entries today. Thank me later.

J is for Jet$et

When I was getting my ribs done (which will be featured in L is for…) I got jumped into another lil tattoo “gang” by Luke Wessman. He made an image of Jet$set for his friends that were seemingly always on planes and heading off to parts unknown. I’m the newest member after Luke, Toby Morse of H2O and “The Greatest In The World” former WWE Heavyweight Champion CM Punk.

When I was recording my podcast with Matt Caughthran of the Bronx y Maricahi El Bronx, we were at that point acquaintances, but hadn’t yet become friends. About 10 minutes into the podcast he stopped mid-semntence and said “Is that a JetSet tattoo from Luke Wessman?” I confirmed and he said “That’s dope man! Luke is my Boy.” We gave Luke a little shoutout and from then on in the conversatiomn was a LOOT more candid.



Click here to download the Get your Rocks Off Podcast with Matt Caughthran

Click here to download the Get your Rocks Off Podcast with Luke Wessman

Many thanks to the irrepressible spirit and lovely lens of Deneka Peniston for the tattoo pics!