This might have been the best single day of riding I’ve ever done. 9+ hours on the saddle on 90+ degree heat but the scenery was mind bending. Woke up in Monument Valley and rose that 17 mile loop. I sort of wish they had warned me about the deep sand on the “road” but then again, if they had, maybe I wouldn’t have done it. Sand and motorcycle don’t really mix. But I somehow managed to stay upright. Then I moved on to Forest Gump Point, Goosenecks State Park, and Valley of the Gods. Tons of great off road riding there, but the highlight was definitely the Moki Dugway. 3 miles of STEEP dirt switchbacks, narrow as hell, on the edge of a cliff, that climb 1,200 feet – QUICKLY. Then a 150 mile blast through the plains and into the fresh mints in air in the foothills of the Rockies in Durango. Hunter S Thompson, I’m coming for you! @ Monument Valley