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Get Your Rocks Off Podcast: Remembering Rodney Speed

Jake reflects on the life and times of his best friend, Sir Rockin’ Rodney Speed. Jake tells the story of how they meet and fell in love, and recounts plenty of their bizarre adventures. This episode also compiles the complete collection of Rodney’s Corner segments from the podcast, Jake’s eulogy for Rodney, and live set of the Rodney Speed Experience live from the Mercury Lounge in NYC.

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3 For 31. I ran 3 miles every day in the month of January. Seemed simple enough, if a bit daunting. What started as a cool challenge and a fun way to keep in shape after running two marathons in 6 weeks has morphed into a whole new beast. In the middle of the 31 days, my best friend of 21 years Rodney Speed passed away unexpectedly. I kept up the running, and it might have been the one thing that kept me sane.  When the 31 days were up, I decided to extend to 53 days to honor the 53 years Rodney spent on earth with us. Well today is day 69 and I’ve decided to keep this up for the REST OF 2016. ?#?3For366? ?#?RunningForRodney? I’m gonna be making new videos weekly as well as posting and blogging about the adventure. So far it’s taken me across 3 continents, 7 countries, and 15 cities. From sea level to 6,500 feet up. Through one snowstorm in Holland, one massive NYC blizzard, countless rainy days in London, to runs along rivers, through parks, city streets, and even 7 runs on top of a snow covered frozen lake bed in Champex Switzerland (that was preferable to running on steep, winding, icy mountain roads). Through all those changes there one constant. That during every single run I think about Rodney. I’ll never stop thinking about him. I can’t wait to see where else this takes me.

On January 13th, 2016 I lost my best friend, my big brother, my little brother, my soul mate and my inspiration all at once. Rocks Off lost our mascot. The Rodney Speed Experience lost our leader. New York City lost our best DJ. The world of Rock N Roll lost our most loving and lively patron saint and its most spirited motivator and cheerleader… And the universe lost our biggest dreamer and its brightest soul.

For the rest of 2016 I will be honoring his memory by running 3 miles every single day. Godspeed!

Extra special thanks to Kyle Lamont & Adrees Ali for the help with the video and Ginger Wildheart the music. He wrote the song “American Man” was written for the Rodney Speed Experience. Long story which will come later 😉