Back To Life

I collect near-death experiences like they are trading cards. Maybe I should make my own series of ’em. Anyways, 88 days ago I was in a pretty gnarly motorcycle crash. I was battered, bruised, scratched, scraped, and bloody. But thankfully neither my bones nor my spirit were broken. Although I was back on my feet that day, it wasn’t without a considerable of pain and discomfort. Which lasted for weeks. And weeks. I thought I’d be back to jogging within a few weeks and my acupuncture guru Prince Paul shook his head and laughed and told me to take it easy. Those are words that I don’t understand. But take it easy I did. Relatively easy, for me anyways. A couple of weeks ago I finally persuaded my feet to pound the pavement… and it hasn’t been easy. My hip and knee were still tender and my endurance had been almost completely reset. But I kept putting one foot in front of the other, and today I crushed 5.5 miles around this gorgeous heart-shaped lake in Rio De Janeiro. And before that I spent 3 days on an island called Ilha Grande and hiked a combined 10 hours to and from some amazingly gorgeous and secluded beaches. It feels great to be back at it and serves as a loud and clear reminder to never take your ability to move yourself around the earth for granted. ***** ALSO ***** Paul Kemawikasit Alexander is a wizard of healing, positivity, and sparkling energy. And a ninja with the acupuncture needles…. just sayin’